Trebuchet -- human powered, portable, water balloon launching

Cover of PortaTreb ebook
Complete and detailed build-it-yourself plans are now available for immediate download on the Amazon Kindle platform. Only $9.99 US 



I call it the "PortaTreb" (Portable Trebuchet). It's a portable human powered trebuchet that can launch softball size water balloons up to 50 yards and other objects (like softballs and apples) much further.

In my 88 page e-book (Amazon Kindle) you'll find detailed step-by-step plans for building a PortaTreb. I provide a list of materials (your shopping list), tools needed, procedures for measuring and cutting, how to make a throwing pouch that works, how to make an "anti slam pad" that will help prevent the throwing arm from cracking and last ten times longer, how to make an "anti headache rope" that will help prevent you from being hit in the head by the throwing arm, and more! I've even included plans for a fold up plywood castle that you can use as a target. The PortaTreb is designed to fold up and transport on your car roof racks and conveniently store in your garage.

I'm a former high school STEM education teacher and have used the PortaTreb at schools to help bring history lessons and science lessons to life. I've used the PortaTreb at Maker Faires and Music Festivals where a wide range of kids have enjoyed launching water balloons long distances.