What Kind of Amazing Grace?

My new friend Ian Rhett over at is an awesome singer/songwriter/musician.

I met Ian through a series of wonderful synchronistic events - - I teach a course called the VIrtual Team Leader and was looking for guest speakers and found Brian who is the CEO of MaestroConference and Brian said "I've got a good friend Jenn who works at who would also be a great guest speaker" (which she was!) and then Jenn asked me to speak on a panel about virtual teams at the annual conference of the Nonprofit Technology Network - - and THIS is when I got to meet Ian who works with Jenn at

Watch the video (below) showcasing one of Ian's wonderful songs - - it's called What Kind of Amazing Grace.

Fun changes behavior - for the better

For centuries small groups of people have tried to figure out ways to influence the masses.  One of the most effective and uplifting ways to influence behavior is through fun.  Watch the video clip below for an example.  CLICK HERE for more examples.