Barney the Dinosaur competes in the clogging competition at Mt Airy Fiddler's Convention

For many years I attended the Mt. Airy Fiddler's Convention (in Mt. Airy NC).  Although there is a stage where one can compete for prizes (best band, best fiddler, best banjo player, etc., etc.) the real reason I attend is to visit with friends and play music.  There are hundreds of jam sessions going on all over the park.

On Saturday night (really, early Sunday morning) after all the music competition is over there is a dance (clogging) competition.  Most people who enter really can dance.  Some who enter intend to be humorous.

One year I entered the dance competition wearing a Barney the Dinosaur costume.

Ira Bernstein on a step-a-tune dancing near a jam session

This is a typical late night scene at a music festival.  A jam session with dancers.  Ira Bernstein is dancing on a step-a-tune (small, portable dance platform).  Ira is a also a fine musician which helps him understand how to step out the rhythms of the fiddle tune.  John Herrmann is playing banjo and Rayna Gellert is on the fiddle.  I wonder how long the tune was played - one tune might be played for a long time - it's a meditation.