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Introduction to STEM Education -- Workshop Resources

During the 2013 Project Connect Conference held at the Asheville School in Asheville, NC I presented a workshop entitled "Introduction to STEM Education. This post acts as a resource pages for this workshop. 

My workshop co-facilitator was Ed Maggart who is the new Head of School at The College School in St. Louis. Ed is a long time friend and has been teaching Science and Mountaineering for 30+ years.

1. Engineering Design Challenge -- Participants in this workshop learned about the T and the E of STEM education through an "engineering design challenge" I created called "Time Aloft". Click on the link below to download a description of the challenge.

Download Time_aloft_engineering_design_challenge

2. Soda Bottle Launcher -- The challenge required participants to launch a tennis ball using an AquaPod.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the AquaPod soda bottle launcher.

3. Flow Chart -- Ed and I developed a workshop flow chart to help manage our time.

Download Workshop Flow Chart

4. Posters -- I created posters for this workshop and hung them around the room. I referred to the posters during the workshop. Click on the links below to download copies of these documents.

  Download Branches_of_engineering

Download Engineering_defined

Download Engineering_design_process

Download Math defined

Download Next gen science quote

Download Science defined

Download Scientist_vs_engineer

Download Technology defined

5. Curriculum -- During this workshop I mentioned the STEM curriculum known as Engineering By Design which was developed by the ITEEA (see below). I strongly believe this curriculum is perfect for those working in independent schools.

4. Video Message from ITEEA President & CEO -- Towards the end of the workshop participants viewed a video message from Steve Barbato who is the President & CEO of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association located in Washington, DC. I met with Steve prior to this workshop and shared details about the conference and details about this particular workshop. Steve developed a custome message for workshop attendees. The video is embeded below. Click on the link directly below to download a PDF copy of Steve's message.

  Download ITEEA_SKYPE_Presentation_for Project_Connect_NC_Final_with_Edits


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