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Product Development

I love creating and inventing.  Here are a few of the products I've developed.


CATEGORY:  Team Building Games -- One of my great passions is helping young people learn team and leadership skills.  I've had great success teaching using fun and engaging experiential learning exercises (games).  I've licensed these games to the three largest companies supplying physical education equipment in the United States with one company having partners in Australia and Europe.  I've licensed these products so I can leverage my impact - - by working with these companies I can now positively impact the lives of more educators and the children they serve.


TeamTimbers -- A portable multi-use "ropes course". I designed the metal bracket so it could be attached to a standard 2x6x6 piece of lumber.  The unique bracket allows the TeamTimbers to be configured into a box, zig-zag, giant "trust-V", diamond, and plus sign (+). The different shapes lend themselves to different types of games.  The metal bracket went through many iterations so that it could be easily and inexpensively mass produced.   Licensed to Flaghouse.




Team Spots - 10 Activity Game System -- One theme that runs through the products I develop is "multi-use" and this is a great example.  30 vinyle "spots" (12 inch diameter) that you can use to lead 10 team building games.  Licensed to Gopher Sport.

Object Retrieval Team Building Game System -- This game system was created out of necessity. This game system can be used with fourth graders on Monday and corporate execs on Tuesday (yes, that does happen with my training schedule).  Licensed to Gopher Sport



CATEGORY:  Multimedia Training

Virtual Team Leader -- description coming soon.

Teams In Trouble -- description and link coming soon.

Law of Attraction for Teamwork Facilitators, Trainers, and Coaches  Home Study Program -- description coming soon.

more coming soon...